Hello, I’m Robb

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Becoming vegan & living a sustainable plant-based lifestyle

I’m an artist living in Michigan. I have a passion for modern and minimal design, cooking, living a vegan lifestyle, and my two cats. I’ve worked in the fashion industry, am a licensed cosmetologist, in addition to being a photographer, painter, and digital artist.

Becoming vegan was a huge success in my life which led to some wonderful changes.

For years I struggled with horrible allergic reactions to dairy.

Eating dairy would leave me with hives and stomach issues, but my dairy addiction would keep me coming back for more. I couldn’t stand feeling terrible anymore. As a result, I started living a plant-based lifestyle. Since then, I feel great and would never eat dairy again.

Knowing how difficult my journey was, I created Vegan Robb to help others succeed with becoming vegan and live a sustainable vegan lifestyle.

Over the last 8 years, I have been living a sustainable vegan lifestyle.

I must admit, overcoming a dairy addiction was a struggle. I know others have the same problem. Many people ask how and why I became vegan. Because of this, my hope with Vegan Robb is to create an outlet for like-minded people. A space where others wanting to make a switch from carnivore or pescatarian, or just exploring “Meatless Mondays” can come and learn.

I cover topics like living a sustainable plant-based life, vegan recipes, and common struggles on making the switch to veganism.

Becoming vegan can be overwhelming at once because veganism is certainly a multi-faceted lifestyle. It includes everything from fashion, cosmetics, and food, to sustainability, health, climate change, and animal cruelty.

Many have a hard time succeeding without the right resources on becoming vegan. For instance, how to quit a lifelong addiction to meat and dairy.

In conclusion, veganism is possible, and it doesn’t have to be out of your budget.

Whether you are a lifelong vegan, or starting out your vegan lifestyle journey, I am here to help. The world of plant-based products are huge and expanding everyday!

I look forward to growing this community and helping save the animals, the planet, and ourselves.