Beet Dip

beet hummus in a ceramic bowl on a wooden cutting board, top view

Quick & Easy Roasted Beet Dip Roasted beet dip is possibly one of the most beautiful spreads there are. With that incredible magenta color, this dip is always a show stopper. Roasted beet dip is incredibly easy to whip up, and requires only a few ingredients, a baking sheet, and a food processor or blender.… Continue reading Beet Dip

Apple Butter Recipe

Apple Butter

What is Apple Butter? Apple butter is a creamy, buttery, silky smooth spiced spread made from cooking down apples. Although similar to applesauce, apple butter takes on more of a rich flavor, and is thick enough to spread. Uses For Apple Butter There are many ways to use apple butter, but these are my favorite… Continue reading Apple Butter Recipe

Maple Dijon Sauce | Only 2 ingredients!

Maple Dijon Sauce

Quickest Maple Dijon Sauce Recipe It is possible to make this delicious maple mustard dressing in literally one minute. Certainly you can take your time, but… why? For the perfect amount of dip, sauce, or dressing for two people, follow this recipe. 2 Tbsp. Grey Poupon Dijon. 2 Tbsp. Maple Syrup. Mix it up! For… Continue reading Maple Dijon Sauce | Only 2 ingredients!