The Best Vegan Restaurants Near Ann Arbor 2020 | Vedge Café Review

Vedge Cafe in Downtown Ann Arbor
Vedge Café in Downtown Ann Arbor
Vedge Cafe in Downtown Ann Arbor
Vedge Café in Downtown Ann Arbor

Vedge Café in Downtown Ann Arbor is a vegan deli heaven

Driving down main street in Ann Arbor, across from the municipal building is one of the best vegan restaurants in Ann Arbor.

Vedge Café is a charming old school vegan deli. With a quiet atmosphere, it is a perfect place to grab a delicious plant-based meal.

Vedge Café has a much smaller menu than many of the vegan restaurants close to Ann Arbor. Because of this, Vedge Café can focus in on their fresh ingredients and mastering their dishes.

I love a hyper focused menu like this.

Vegan Pepperoni Stromboli

Delicious Seitan Deli Meat

A great feature this restaurant has is their deli counter. You can order their fresh house made seitan versions of turkey, corned beef, pepperoni, salami, and gyro meat.

The seitan is flavored to perfection and their pepperoni is my go-to for any pizza recipes I make. They use the pepperoni baked in their Stromboli (pictured above) and pizza.

Ugh, I love pizza so much.

Pizza with dairy cheese was the last animal based product I’d consistently eat before making the switch from vegetarian to vegan. It would make me so so sick.

Definitely not worth it.

With so many great vegan cheeses to choose from, I would never go back.

Vegan pepperoni pizza with dairy free mozzarella cheese and seitan pepperoni
Vegan pepperoni pizza with dairy free mozzarella cheese and seitan pepperoni

On the weekends, Vedge Cafe offers pizza takeout. I like to get the basic pizza and load it up with random toppings at home. It’s always fresh, not frozen dough, so all you need to do is pop it in the oven at 400° for approx. 30 minutes.

Vedge Café has a fully vegan menu with takeout and delivery options

The pandemic has made dining out so different. I typically cook everyday, but sometimes you just don’t want to. For about a month, Vedge Café was closed down like the rest of the country so I was extremely happy when they opened back up for takeout and delivery.

Vedge’s fully vegan menu makes it easy to experiment with new food without the worry of animal cross contamination. This makes Vedge Café one of my favorite vegan restaurants around Ann Arbor.

Vedge makes deli sandwiches, salads, smoothies, seitan deli meat, soup, and desserts.

Their website has an easy to order option for takeout and delivery and is usually ready in 20 minutes.

Vedge Café in Ann Arbor offers plant-based lunch ideas and desserts

Vegan Gyro Sandwich

Vegan Seitan Gyro Sandwich

This sandwich probably gets ordered in our household more than any other. Most vegan gyro’s just miss the mark, but not this one.

Vedge Cafe’s seitan gyro meat is seasoned just right. Their tzatziki sauce is fresh.

Any meat eater would be pleasantly surprised with this seitan gyro meat. Now it’s been YEARS since I’ve touched any form of meat, but the texture and taste of this is light, not tough, and very flavorful.

Sometimes you just don’t know what to make, or feel like cooking anything. Lately that’s what my lunch life has been like. The convenience of this restaurant makes it a great place to order carry out vegan food near Ann Arbor if you’re feeling lazy or busy.

Vegan potato salad

Potato Salad

Not usually a fan of potato salad but this hits all the right notes.

This goes REALLY well with one of their two versions of Vegan Rueben sandwiches

When I do get around to making lunch, this is a great menu to use for inspiration!

Especially if I grab some of their deli-by-the-pound.

Nut Based Desserts at Vedge Cafe

Now we obviously have to talk about dessert.

There are not many vegan dessert places around Ann Arbor. Detroit Street Filling Station has a vast selection of great cookies and cakes.

(The best being their monster-cookie, by far)

But to stay focused, here are the dessert options available at Vedge Café.

vegan dessert cheesecake bites with raspberry compote

Cheezcake Bites

Vedge Cafe offers two dessert options.

The first is their “cheezcake” bites. They’re made with rich cashew cream with an almond and pecan crust. Topped with your choice of raspberry or blueberry compote.

I love both topping options, but personally the raspberry compote is my favorite of the two. It has a bright flavor and is not too sweet.

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Ball and Latte

Choco PB Crunch

Their other dessert is this chocolately crunchy peanut buttery ball. They come surprisingly large so one should be enough to eat.

I usually eat two.

Vedge Cafe Hours

Open Wednesday – Saturday: 12pm – 6pm, Sunday: 12pm – 4pm

Have you tried Vedge café yet? If so let me know what you got and what you thought of it!

What are your favorite vegan restaurants in Ann Arbor?

vedge cafe ann arbor
vedge cafe ann arbor
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